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Etherlive Venue IT services

Etherlive works with leading venues who want to offer the latest technology to their customers. Delegates and organisers expect more than just basic Wi-Fi from todays venues, many need private dedicated networks for streaming content, connecting back to remote offices and engaging audiences using the latest apps.


Venues including The Science Museum and Battersea Evolution use Etherlive as a partner to help deliver the right technical solutions their customers require. Etherlive works hand in hand with venues to deliver training for M&E teams, provide pre-sales support for written proposals and deploying, supporting and removing equipment as required.

Supporting the Industry

Etherlive is proud to be a member of the HBAA, London Launch and ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association).

Technology Highlights

  • Short Term Wi-Fi Upgrades – When your in house Wi-Fi network isn’t enough for the amount of users Etherlive can temporally upgrade it
  • Increased Internet Access – Etherlive can work with your in house suppliers to temporally increase your existing connectivity, or bring in addiitonal capacity.
  • Dedicated Support – For customers that require dedicated engineer support Etherlive can provide experienced engineers who know how events and technology work